Rain-O-Matic Small rain sensor


Rain-O-Matic Small rain sensor with our patented unique single spoon tipping bucket is a reliable low cost high quality rain gauge ideal for small weather stations, irrigation/soil moisture management and drain water measurement in drip irrigation.

Features and benefits

Beneath is listed the features and benefits of choosing Rain-O-Matic Small as your rain guage.
Tipping bucket rain gauge

RAIN-O-MATIC Small patented single spoon tipping bucket is one of the most accurate and reliable rain gauges on the market.​

    More accurate measurements
    Only one adjustment screw which makes it easy to recalibrate.
    Bucket made in POM, which is a more dismissive material and therefore makes dust and dirt not stick so easily on the spoon and maximize water release.
Rain sensor with tipping bucket


Our Rain-O-Matic Small comes standardly as machine calibrated with 1 mm resolution. Accuracy: +/- 5 %.
Minimal maintenance

Our Smalll rain gauges require minimal maintenance due to:

    Outer shell is made from ASA which makes the surface easy to clean.
    High quality plastic materials and a simple design for a very long durability (10-20 years)

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