EIC-285403D KIT for Precision Agriculture


The price includes:
-1 unit EIC-285300D. including installation clamps.
-2 Units of MT300D VWC and floor temperature probes.
-1 Ud. Conductivity and temperature probe CT300A.
-1 Ud. Plastic counter ½" pulse transmitter 1l.
-1 Ud. RH and air temperature probe RHT300A.
-Guarantee of 2 years of operation.
-Does not include PH probe, PH300A
-Not including annual connectivity, from 25€/per year

Stand-alone digital IOT sensor measuring humidity and temperature with integrated SIGFOX connectivity
-Fully autonomous operation, with battery and solar panel charge.
-Measurement of up to 3 digital probes, 6 analogue probes and two reed pulses
-Possibility of programming up to 7 different time frequencies for sending messages.
-Up to 140 data messages per day.
-IP67 box protection.
-6 waterproof connectors for 6/4pin IP68 probes.
Possibility of connecting probes:
-3 pcs. MT300D VWC and ground temperature probes
-1 Ud. CT300A . Irrigation water conductivity measurement probe.
-1 Ud. PH300A. Irrigation water PH measurement probe.
- 1 unit RHT300A. Probe for measuring relative humidity and air temperature.

With this equipment we monitor the moisture content in the soil and its temperature, sending information from each probe installed every hour. We can calibrate each probe with five different types of soil according to its texture from the icloud platform, to improve accuracy. We can also measure the Conductivity and the PH in the irrigation water, adjusting better frequencies and doses of fertilization, in the point of emission.
By installing the Pulse Counter in the irrigation pipe, we can see precisely how the humidity in the soil evolves, according to the flow rate. The device sends messages for each water pulse it measures (1,10,100l). We also control the air temperature and relative humidity, managed by the icloud platform, we can know the potential evapotranspiration, moments of crop transpiration, thermal integral of the crop, prevention of diseases and pests, effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments and most appropriate moments of application, dew point...

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